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NEWS HIGHLIGHTS   DALC Education fully franchised: “Share the DALC Vision”.... read more :: DALC Education Job Vacancies.... read more :: The DALC Weekend is slated for the first week of April 2014. Details to be released shortly. :: The 9th DALC Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for the last week of July 2014. Details to be released in due time. ::
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.... Are you doing the course of your ability and desire or have you succumbed to your relatives or friends course desires? Have you been assessed for your natural Gift and Talents? Are you still buried to obsolete education?
.... Has society judged you as a stupid failure due to low school grades, yet you know have potentials in other ways? Do you think low grades due to sickness, lack of fees, and panic in exams can mean one is stupid?
.... Are you aware that, as an adult, work experience can be converted to Academic credits and earn you direct exemption and achieve your bachelors or masters degree sooner?
.... Are you tired of cramming and recalling huge chunks of tutor’s notes onto foolscaps? Are you aware of practical –project-based education that will connect the classroom and organization AND ensure that your 3 year of learning is not judged by your failure in a 2-hour written examination.
.... Would you like to sell your land or cattle for your child's education only for him/her to re-join you in daily struggles, in the same "mabati" house? What is the point of taking your child oversees for education that results in "papers" yet he/she cannot improve your business when you retire? Do you need an education system or degree certificate that enables you tarmac for years before giving up to roast maize for lack of jobs?
Why are you still guessing your career when modern technology today, enables us to foretell the career of a 5-6 year old 20-30 years in advance?

Good doctors do a diagnosis before providing a prescription. Good teachers should test for Gifts and Talents before teaching. Hospitals refer patients for better medical management. Where do schools and parents refer students for better academic management? Have your children been professionally assessed? Have you known what career would be best for you upon retirement? Click here to read more

Are you aware that your work experience can be converted into Academic Credit Points, earn you exemptions and allow you to fast track into your Bachelors or Masters Degree in less than 1 year?

In every man’s mind, lies the dream to be independent and be able to provide a descent livelihood for those that depend on him... a dream that has caused men to dig deeper into volumes of books to gain knowledge and insight needed for survival.... a dream, that if realized will change the course and face of Africa.... Unfortunately to some, this dream will be just that: a dream.

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Throughout the last decade the concept of life-long learning has continued to gain popularity. Organizations in the twenty-first century are challenged to quickly adapt to industry changes and rapidly identify solutions for obstacles or barriers that the organization encounters. Through the lifelong learning process, individuals develop the capacity for addressing this organizational need. Key characteristics of lifelong learning include duration, learner-centered perspective, multi-level and multi-subject learning, and open access.

Lifelong learning also focuses on the learner rather than an instructor or trainer. The learning process often involves a facilitator but the facilitator should be skilled at providing an educational environment that allows the individual to enhance and engage in his or her own learning objectives.

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The DALC Weekend is slated for the first week of April 2014. Details to be released shortly.


The 9th DALC Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for the last week of July 2014. Details to be released in due time.


The DALC Education has been undergoing serious transformations over the last three (3) years and has seen the institution rebrand and re-organize her structures.

This has been in view of the fact that the institution has made linkages with top international institutions as well as sponsoring a university in Kenya. With the possibility of the sponsored university being unveiled soon, it has become prudent that the institution strategies to ensure its relevance in doing transactions with the new and other international universities.... read more